Ready to teach the alphabet confidently? Now's your chance

Teach your kids the alphabet the easy and simple way in just 15 minutes a day

What is Hands-on Alphabet for Preschoolers?

Picture this: What if you could teach your kids to master letter recognition, write the letters of the alphabet without frustration and begin sounding out letters in as little as 15 minutes a day?  

Get ready to teach your kids confidently and without stress or overwhelm with Hands-on Alphabet for Preschoolers. 

This hands-on downloadable workbook is designed to help anyone teach the letters of the alphabet. Using fun and creative methods of learning, this workbook will:

  • Teach your child to recognize both upper and lower case letters 
  • Teach your child to write both upper and lower case letters
  • Expose them to beginning sounds
  • Develop fine motor skills

Included activities:

  • lacing cards
  • find the hidden letter
  • tracing and printing pages
  • and more

Simple & easy

Preparing for each lesson will never be easier and each lesson takes 15 minutes or less!

Tried & tested

Used and loved by homeschooling moms, daycare providers and pre-k teachers.

More than the abc's

  • Teaches letter recognition
  • Write the letters
  • Learn beginning sounds
  • develop fine motor skills


Teach your child to master letter recognition, write the letters of the alphabet without frustration and begin sounding out letters in just 15 minutes a day!

I was so sick, tired and frustrated

Maybe you are like Kim:

"Alecia, I'm so thankful that I found your site.You don't know how tired I am of searching all over the internet for free printables for my kids only to find most sites to be a little sketchy or the printables outdated. From one mom to another I appreciate that you saw a need and created a solution. Now I not only have a great resource but you've also given me the tools I need to plan and put it to use!"

Hi, I'm Alecia- homeschooling mom of 2 and I have created over 100 easy to use printable tools for parents to teach their kids.

I am going to be honest with you and say that I was just like Kim except I was on the verge of tears completely overwhelmed and stressed. All I wanted to do was teach my kid the alphabet- why was it so hard to find a simple, easy solution? I tried to make all the freebies found work and it just made me feel as if was failing my kid. I clearly wasn't cut out to do this. Thankfully I was pretty determined to do good by my kids. 

I decided to develop an alphabet hands-on workbook that was easy to implement and visually appealing to my kids. What I didn't expect was that I would be more confident in teaching them the alphabet. 

And now I want to enable you confidently teach your preschooler without overwhelm and stress. 


"Hands On Alphabet has been a wonderful resource for my 3 year old son! He recently transitioned from full time Preschool to staying home doing “Mommy School” with me and I used Hands On Alphabet as a learning tool to help teach him and it’s been great! He especially loves “Find the hidden letter” and has gotten much better at scissor control and cutting with the practice he’s gotten using this alphabet packet. I highly recommend this teaching tool and commend Alecia for doing such a great job putting this packet together in such an easy and user-friendly format."


“I teach students who are 4 and 5 years of age and preparing for kindergarten. I have always kept my eyes open for new and innovative ways to teach alphabet letters. Some of my students are turning 6 already so this packet, Hands on Alphabet, has challenging pages for my older students and beginning alphabet practice for my younger students. I have loved using this resource in my Pre-K classroom.”


"What a tremendous resource! It’s over 300 pages of high-quality, interactive pages for children to practice letter recognition, handwriting, phonics, and more! I’m so excited to do these with my 4 and 5-year-old boys!"



“I used the Hands on Alphabet on my 3-year-old and 1-year-old. I was hoping to get my 3-year-old involved with learning letters. Instead both boys sat and LOVED matching up the pictures as well as cutting out the pictures. I had them go through their toys to find items of the letter then we could see what was on our “school work” for the day. They enjoyed the variety of the worksheets. I loved watching the 3-year-old start tracing accordingly. He would love to share at the dinner table what he learned at “school” just like big brother. I highly recommend it to all moms. Especially those like me who want something super fun, variety, and user-friendly.”


Why Wait? Confidently Teach Your Child the Alphabet Now!



  • How much is this exactly? Hands-on Alphabet for Preschoolers is only $13.99 for over 300 pages of hands-on activities for your kids! (Please note that the total count is over 500 but there are pages left bank intentionall if you choose to have it printed and bound)  
  • Is this a physical product? No. Hands-On Alpabet for Preschoolers is a PDF file that you download instantly.  
  • Why should I even buy this? I can simply go on Pinterest, find a few freebies and put them together. There is a reason you are overwhelmed and its because of all those freebies. Why spend all that time trying to piece several things together not knowing if they are tried and tested? Why experience all that energy and frustration when it can be easily avoided. Why spend hours when you can only take minutes?  
  • Will Hands-on Alphabet for Preschoolers work for my kindergarten child who hasn't learn all the letters as yet? Yes it will! Not only will they learn the letters but they will also learn how to write them and be exposed to beginning sounds!  
  • Is this going to be hard to do with my child? I am already so busy. As long as you have 15 minutes to spare as well as a printer, some crayons, scissors and glue you can totally do this!  
  • How can I trust you or that this will work for us. I created and successfull used Hands-on Alphabet for Preschoolers for my son to learn the alphabet. Although we homeschool, this has been tested successfully at daycares and in classrooms as well as in the home with both stay at home momsand work at home moms. All you need is 15 minutes! 

What if, in 6 months from now, your kid actually knew the alphabet and could write each letter and it only took you minutes to teach daily with zero stress. How would your life be different?