Are you all prepared for Valentine's Day?

Its the end of January- are all your lessons for Valentine's Day prepared? Don't worry- I've got your back


Plan your Valentine's lessons and still watch Netflix- for less than $6!

Teaching your students is one of the best feelings in the world. You pour your heart in creating lessons that will help them learn- not for a standardized test but because you believe that learning is one of the most fulfilling experiences. 

You are an awesome teacher!

Sadly its the end of January and your lessons aren't planned yet and you are in panic mode. You need to find Valentine's Day activities that will meet the developmental needs of everyone. 

You need to create or find enough fun and engaging activities for your kids but you don't have the time. You still have to plan tomorrow's lessons not to mention next week's. 

And wouldn't you know- there is a new episode of your favourite show on Netflix and your body screams that you need to rest. What are you going to do?

Like I said- you are an AWESOME teacher. You love each and everyone of your kids but you also need time for the things in your life.

You want to relax and have your weekends for yourself. Or at least have the option to dream.

That's where I come in- I want to take that worrying off your plate.

All you have to do is spend less that $6 and relax this weekend. It'll be our little secret. 

"Love the whole layout of the pack. The option of choosing black and white or color is a plus. Although this pack is so worth printing in color then laminating the pages and pieces for year after year usage. The practice writing pages would be great to laminate and use white board markers. Again awesome job with this"


 "I like the different ways of counting items, especially the hearts in the hands. The black/white and color options are nice too. I like having the option to let my toddler color on his own before doing whichever activity I have selected. Makes it a bit more fun all around. We are diving into phonics so the matching letter to sound is a nice addition, too"


What is the Valentine Pre-K Pack?

"I would LOVE to have activities for all of my themes that are easy to prepare, just print (in color), laminate and cut out, then they are ready to use."

"My kids have different skill levels and I need to keep them busy at the same time."

"I want to keep them excited about learning."

 Do any of these sound like you? Then this Valentine's Pre-K Pack is just what you need!

This hands-on downloadable workbook is designed to help anyone teach their preschoolers (and pre-k students) this Valentine's season. Using fun, differentiated and creative methods of learning, this workbook will:

  • Work on symmetry skills
  • Simple addition up to 5
  • Teach your child to recognize both upper and lower case letters 
  • Teach your child to write both upper and lower case letters
  • Expose them to beginning sounds
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Count and recognize numbers up to 20

Included activities:

  • cut and paste 
  • roll and color pages
  • color by numbers
  • and more

Simple & easy

Preparing for each lesson will never be easier and each lesson takes 15 minutes or less!

Tried & tested

Used and loved by homeschooling moms, daycare providers and pre-k teachers.

More than worksheets

  • Teaches letter recognition
  • Write the letters
  • Learn beginning sounds
  • develop fine motor skills
  •  Practice counting
  • Simple addition


Teach your kids this Valentine's Day without being stressed and with almost no prep!

Why Wait? Confidently Teach Your Child this Valentine's Day Now!

$5.99 ($7.99)


  • How much is this exactly? The Valentine's Pre-K Pack is only $5.99 for over 100 pages of hands-on, differentiated activities for your kids!  
  • Is this a physical product? No. The Valentine's Pre-K Pack is a PDF file that you download instantly.  
  • Why should I even buy this? I can simply go on Pinterest, find a few freebies and put them together. There is a reason you are overwhelmed and its because of all those freebies. Why spend all that time trying to piece several things together not knowing if they are tried and tested? Why experience all that energy and frustration when it can be easily avoided. Why spend hours when you can only take minutes?  
  • Will the Valentine Pre-K Pack work for my kindergarten child who hasn't learn all the letters or how to count as yet? Yes it will! Not only will they learn the letters and numbers but they will also learn how to write them and be exposed to beginning sounds, CVC Words and more!  
  • Is this going to be hard to do with my child? I am already so busy. As long as you have 15 minutes to spare as well as a printer, some crayons, scissors and glue you can totally do this!  
  • How can I trust you or that this will work for us. I created and successfully used several other packs to help my son be ready for kindergarten. Although we homeschool, this has been tested successfully at daycares and in classrooms as well as in the home with both stay at home moms and work at home moms.

What if you didn't have to plan you next few lessons? What if you could allow your kids to work on different levels with just one purchase? How would your life be different?